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Types Of Butterfly Valves

Sep. 25, 2021



As the most common architectural valve, the butterfly valve was invented by the Americans in the 1930s and promoted in the country in the 1970s. At present, there are many classifications and wide applications. The picture above is the most basic butterfly valve, the structure mainly includes, drive, valve body, seal, valve plate, and connection.


Classified by valve body material

There are about two types, cast iron and cast steel. If cast iron does not specifically refer to ductile iron, gray cast iron is used. The same is true for cast steel. Carbon steel is usually used if stainless steel is not specifically mentioned.


Connection type classification

There are common clamps, lugs, and flanges. Among them, the clamp method is widely used in the field of construction and buildings, and the cost performance is higher. Wafer butterfly valves are connected between two pipe flanges with stud bolts. Flanged butterfly valve has a flange on the valve, and bolts are used to connect the flanges at both ends of the valve to the pipe flange. The lug type butterfly valve has two types of connection holes, one is a through hole. This type of connection requires stud bolts like the wafer connection. The other is a threaded hole, which functions as two nuts during the connection process, and is fixed in the middle of the pipe flange with two bolts.



Hydraulic System Valves


Classified by drive form

Commonly used in buildings are manual (handle, turbine) and electric, while pneumatics are rarely used. The movement of the valve plate is affected by the center line and eccentric (single eccentric, double eccentric, triple eccentric) structure.


Classified by seal

There are two types of soft seal and hard seal. The soft seal is more commonly used in buildings, and the material is mostly EPDM or NBR.

Distinguishing the types of butterfly valves helps you choose the most suitable butterfly valve. We are a manufacturer of butterfly valves, providing you with all kinds of high-quality butterfly valves. Please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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