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Bisalloy SD Steel

Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (China: Shandong Iron and Steel Group), commonly known as SD Steel, is a Chinese steel company headquartered in Jinan. In 2015, it was listed as the world's largest steel producer producing 21.7 million tons of steel on the 12th.

Bis shangang (Shandong) Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bisplate company) was established in July 2011 and headquartered in Jinan City, Shandong Province. It was established by Australia's bisalloy Steel Group Ltd. in cooperation with the former Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (changed to Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.) in March 2012. It is the only cooperative enterprise authorized by bisalloy Steel Group Ltd. to produce and sell bisplate brand High Strength Quenched and tempered steel plate with bisplate®, Trademark, and the full set of production technology. The main products are High strength wear-resistant steel, BISPLATE®360、BISPLATE®400、BISPLATE®450、BISPLATE®500 、BISPLATE®600; High strength structural steel, BISPLATE®80、BISPLATE®100; Bulletproof steel plate for military industry, BJAP® HHA.

Bisplate's production technology and process control are completely imported from Australia's bisalloy Steel Group Ltd. and receive continuous technical support. Bisalloy Steel Group Ltd. is the only enterprise in Australia to produce high-strength quenched and tempered steel plates, with nearly 40 years of production experience, advanced production technology and strict product standards. BISPLATE® Series high-strength wear-resistant steel plate and high-strength structural steel plate occupy the leading position in the industry. 


It is the designated steel plate brand for many industries in the world, such as mining and underground equipment, engineering machinery, transportation and lifting equipment, construction machinery and port machinery. The BJAP® series of armor, bulletproof and protective steel plates are used in military industry, civil protection and other fields.

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