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How To Maintain High Speed Rotary Union To Extend Service Life?

Sep. 10, 2021

High Speed Rotary Union

High Speed Rotary Union


High-speed rotary union is a type of rotary joint. High-speed rotary joints are used for high-speed interface transmission media. High-speed rotary joints are different from ordinary rotary joints, so you must pay special attention to them during normal use. Now let's take a look at the daily maintenance of high-speed rotary joints.


Maintenance Methods

1. Sealing surface

Check the wear condition and thickness change of the sealing surface (generally, the normal wear is 5-10mm); observe the friction track of the sealing surface to see if there are three-point discontinuity or scratches. If these problems occur, don't hesitate to replace the rotary joint immediately.


2. Clean regularly

Special attention should be paid to the inside of the rotary joint drum and pipeline, and a filter should be added when necessary. This is because many foreign objects will cause strong wear on the rotary joint, and frequent cleaning can effectively extend the service life of the rotary joint.


3. Long-term non-use

If the general machine is not used for a long time, it will cause scaling and rust inside the rotary joint. If it is used suddenly, it will get stuck or drip.


4. Regular oil injection

The oil injection device should be oiled regularly to ensure the reliability of the rotary joint bearing operation. Rotary joints that circulate heating medium should gradually generate temperature to avoid sudden temperature changes.


Tip: Generally, after the high speed rotary union is used, a lot of small deposits will appear. In this case, if the machine stops running, the rotary joint must be folded down for cleaning, and stored properly, and then installed when the machine needs to run. This method can significantly increase the service life of the high speed rotary union.

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