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Plate Chain

We specialize in producing metal mesh belt, chain plate, chain, conveying machinery and equipment.

Product Description

Introduction to Plate Chain

We specialize in producing metal mesh belt, chain plate, chain, conveying machinery and equipment. Since the construction of more than 10 years in the vast majority of users support and assistance, product marketing more than 1,000 users. In the glass products and food industries, enjoy a high reputation, welcomed by the majority of users.

1. With the main network include:

All kinds of conveyor belts, metal mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt, high temperature mesh belt, corrugated mesh belt, B net belt, the Great Wall network belt, horseshoe chain, shaped net belt, chain drive belt, flat wire mesh With a mesh hole network, the herringbone transmission network with spiral network belt, rod chain conveyor belt, drying equipment mesh belt, filter, isolation network, demister tortoise shell network, punching network, heat treatment network, Suitable for spraying equipment, ultrasonic washing equipment, food production and transportation equipment, freezing tunnels, glassware annealing furnace, ceramic furnace equipment, electronic industrial kinescope and printed circuit board annealing line, high temperature special equipment, sintering furnace network belt, Back to the stove with network, quenching stove with network, annealing furnace with the network, with furnace network with furnace brazing furnace network with other equipment.

2. Mesh with the main specifications: Crankshaft type, straight shaft type, diamond, ultra-thin flat, double-helix type.

3. The chain include: the chain can be divided into short-pitch precision roller chain, short pitch precision roller chain, heavy-duty transmission with curved roller chain, cement machinery chain, plate chain. High-strength chain, high-strength chain rigging series, specialized in engineering facilities, manufacturing facilities, supporting the production line and supporting the use of special environments.

4. Chain board specifications: Straight chain board width from 63.5,82.5,101.6,114.3,152.4,190.5,254,304.8; twist link plate width 82.5,114.3,152.4,190.5,304.8.

5. Transportation equipment, including: net belt conveyor, chain conveyor, hoof chain conveyor, hoist, turning machine, tunnel drying furnace.

6. Food machinery, including: garlic drift leather machine, natural water cooler, bubble cleaning machine, kelp shredding machine.

7. Glass machinery include: glass machinery mixer, mesh belt conveyor

8. The main material products: carbon steel, galvanized iron wire, spring steel, corrosion-resistant high temperature stainless steel (304,310,310 S, 314,316,316 L, 430, etc.) A3 low carbon steel, 45 # steel, 1Cr13 heat-resistant steel , 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, 0Cr18Ni14NO2CU2 heat acid steel.

9. The products are mainly used in the automatic devices and automatic assembly lines of glass bottles, foodstuffs, bulbs, metals, utensils, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, medicine, electronics, powder metallurgy, heat treatment, timber, Coke oven gas and electronic infrared drive systems such as the use of various food machinery, glass machinery, transportation machinery.

10. The main features of the product: a network with a smooth, high hardness, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, breathable performance, not easy to deformation, durability and other special features.

Companies adhere to the service first, the principle of the supremacy of users, in good faith for the majority of customer service, sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad throughout the visit.

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