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  • SFH6X1650 Double Row Joiner

  • SFH6X1650 Double Row Joiner

  • SFH6X1650 Double Row Joiner

  • SFH6X1650 Double Row Joiner

  • SFH6X1650 Double Row Joiner

SFH6X1650 Double Row Joiner

The equipment is used to connect the plate head and the plate tail of two steel coils so that the production line can work continuously.

Product Description

Brief Introduction of Stitcher

1. Application of Equipment

The equipment is used to connect the plate head and the plate tail of two steel coils so that the production line can work continuously. Widely used in color coating, finishing, degreasing and pickling production lines, it is the ideal tape receiving equipment.

2.Parameters and Performance of Equipment

1. Applied materials

(1) material: Hot rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, silicon steel, etc

(2) thickness: 0.3-3.0mm

(3) width: 600-1650 mm

(4) strength of extension: ≤1100MPa

(5) yield strength: ≤1100MPa

2. Equipment performance parameters

(1) The thickness of the suture: 0.6-6.0mm

(2) The width of the suture: 600-1650mm

(3) Suture time: ≤40s

(4)Seam number: 12 rows per row, 24 rows per row

(5) Work center height: 1620mm

(6) Suture line number: 2 rows/t

(7)Seam type: Y type self - lock/strap

(7)Mold opening: 150mm

(8)Hydraulic cylinder: Φ360xΦ240x200

(9) Work pressure: ≤25 Mpa

(11)Sewn together: ≤760KN

(12)Feed direction: Right

(13 Installed capacity: 37KW

3. The structure and composition of the equipment

(1). Mechanical parts

The equipment consists of a main frame assembly, stitching mold, synchronous mechanism, mechanical stripper mechanism, hydraulic system, pressure forming device, suture depth adjustment system, security locking devices (safety pin) and the electrical system.

The main frame assembly consists of the top and bottom chassis, side frame, guide components. The top and bottom chassis, side frame are welded with quality carbon structural steel, after machining, they are combined together by connecting standard parts of CL8.8 with high precision and high strength.

Mold is one of the main equipment of the stitching machine, consists of the upper and lower mold plates, strippers and punching blade, the material of cutting edge is Cr12MoV, mechanical stripper is designed with a mold protection device.

The synchronous mechanism is composed by a rack and pinion, to ensure the synchronous lift of hydraulic cylinders.

The adjustment of suturing depth is realized by detecting hydraulic cylinder displacement by displacement sensor, and the suturing effect is ensured by adjusting suturing depth.

The pressing joint device is composed of upper and lower pressing plates and hydraulic cylinders.The upper and lower pressing plates are structural parts.

The equipment is hydraulic cylinder under the type, with rubber roller.The mold itself has a limit device.Sew two rows at a time, manually thread the reinforcing band or self-lock.

Suturing hydraulic cylinder specifications: Ø360/Ø240x200

Pressure seam hydraulic cylinder specifications: Ø140/Ø70x200

(2). Hydraulic system

The main configuration of the hydraulic system is as follows:

Oil tank capacity: 630L

Material: Carbon steel

Hydraulic pump: Beijing Bosch Rexroth products

Solenoid valve: Three-position valve, 24V Yuken

Motor: N=37KW 415V 50HZ Level4

Work pressure: ≤25MPa

Detecting device of oil level and temperature, cooling device is designed.

(3). Electrical System

The electrical system is the central system of the equipment, which controls the starting of the hydraulic pump station, stitching, pressing and stitching depth setting, etc.

Major dispositions:

Operating table: hanging type

PLC, touch screen: Siemens products

Displacement sensor: Shenzhen Mirang products.

Proximity switch: SICK/P+F product

Other components: Schneider products

4. Scope of supply

2Hydraulic power unit1
3Electronic system1
4Notebook computer and Software package1

5. Equipment installation

(1). Equipment foundation

According to the data of anchor bolt arrangement, equipment center height and load distribution provided by our company, professional technicians will design and construct the foundation drawing according to the drawing.The second casting pin hole is reserved.

(2). Pre-installation of equipment

Put the stitching machine above the foundation, put the anchor bolts on the foundation, roughly align with the front and rear equipment, put the adjusting pad iron manually next to each anchor bolt, roughly adjust the center height and equipment level, and then grouting for 10-15 days.

(3). Equipment for fine adjustment

Manually adjust the position of the front and rear equipment until it is parallel. Adjust the pad iron so that the height of the working center is consistent with the production line. The levelness of the front and rear of the mold shall not exceed 1mm.

The equipment is installed.

(4). Wiring

Electrical engineers shall connect the wires according to the electrical schematic diagram and wiring diagram.Switch on the operation desk reserve function button.

6. Equipment commissioning

(1). The hydraulic station and hydraulic pump shall fill qualified ISO VG46 hydraulic oil according to the Hydraulic System Manual.

(2). Add lubricating oil to the guide column of the sewing machine and the cutting edge of the sewing and grinding mould.

(3). No-load test

Power on the electric control box.Press the "Hydraulic station start" button to start the hydraulic station motor.

Press the button of "Suture machine", the hydraulic cylinder rod will drop, and the upper mold will loosen after reaching the limit. Press the button of "Open suture Machine", the hydraulic cylinder rod will drive the upper mold to rise, and loosen after reaching the initial position.

Set the stitching depth (1-12mm) on the touch screen, and then click the "automatic stitching" function to lower the hydraulic cylinder of the stitching machine. After reaching the set depth, the stitching mold will open automatically.

Press the "press down" button, press down the upper press, press "press open", and the upper press up.Try the linkage:

1) Safety lock, power off.

2) When the sewing machine's mold and pressing plate are in open state, the whole line can only run.

3) After the suturing machine is finished, the delay of the hydraulic station will automatically stop.Repeat 5-10 times, if there is no abnormal can be formally with load test.

(4). Load test

1) Set the stitching depth and pressing plate pressure on the touch screen.

2) When the end of the current coil reaches the sewing machine mold, the production line stops running.

3) Lap the steel head of the lower coiler over the tail of the upper coiler and operate the "spot uncoiler reverse" knob to make the head and tail overlap 300mm or so.


■ Manual stitching mode  

Press the button of "suture machine" on the operating table, the hydraulic cylinder rises, and the lower mold is released after reaching the limit.Press the button of "Open sewing machine", the hydraulic cylinder will drive the mold down, and release it after reaching the starting position.

■ Automatic stitching

Select automatic mode on the touch screen, click "Automatic stitching", the hydraulic cylinder rises, and automatically opens after reaching the set stitching depth.

Belt on/self-locking

Choose to wear with

Operate the reverse point of "just-in-time coiling", then the production line can be moved to move the seam to the pressing plate of the sewing machine, and the belt will be put through manually. After putting through the belt, press the button of "pressing down", press the pressing plate to close the seam, press "pressing open", the upper pressing plate will be lifted, and send the signal of "closing up" to the main machine, and the production line will be started.

Choose self-locking

The inching production line, through the tension of the production line, realizes the self-locking of the seam, the production line stops when the seam reaches the pressing plate.Press the "press down" button, press the "press down" button, press the "press open" button, the upper press up, send the "signal of completion of sewing" to the main machine, and the production line starts.

Press "hydraulic station stop" or reach the set delay time to stop automatically.This is the end of the stitching process.

7. Equipment adjustment

(1). Setting of suture depth: generally 2-5mm self-locking seam.The belt seam is generally 10-12mm, and the specific size is determined by the user according to the situation.

(2). When the equipment sews two ordinary hot plates with a thickness of 3.0mm, the pressure is 20 Mpa and the high-strength plate is used

The system pressure should be adjusted to 25 Mpa.

The system pressure of the equipment has been locked at 20Mpa before leaving the factory.

(3). The pressure transmitter is set separately in the hydraulic pressure system of the pressing plate, which can adjust the pressure by itself according to needs.

8. Maintenance

(1). Oil each guide column once.

(2). The sewing mold can be added with a small amount of oil every week, which is conducive to mold return.

(3). Each bearing shall be refueled once a month.

(4). when the support with polyurethane fat block elastic weakened to replace in a timely manner.

(5). If the burr of the steel belt (aluminum belt) is too large during suture, the mould or the punch should be replaced (the punch should be replaced or re-ground as a whole). The upper and lower dies must be installed in the closed mode when the die is replaced.

9. List of hydraulic cylinders and bearings

No.Description TypeQty
1Hydraulic cylinderY-HG-G360/240x2003
2Hydraulic cylinderY-HG-G140/70x2002
3Mounted BearingsUCP2122
4Bearing with diamond seatUFKLU2062

10. Others

(1). Calculation formula of hydraulic cylinder displacement: Y(mm)=172+ stitching depth(mm): The stitching depth is generally selected in ,2,3,……10,12.

(2). The equipment is equipped with a safety lock on the operating side. During equipment maintenance, the maintenance personnel will lock the safety lock and take away the key.

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