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Vibrating Screens Use General Knowledge

Dec. 03, 2021

Vibrating Screen


Do you know what you need to pay attention to when using a vibrating screen? Read on for more tips on how to use a vibrating screen.


Installation of vibrating screen

1. Remove the transport support. Since the base of the sieve machine and the screen frame are connected by springs, the upper part of the sieve machine is firmly supported by transport support during transportation. After entering the installation site, the transport support should be taken down. It is strictly forbidden to try the machine without taking the transport support.

2. The sieve machine should be installed on a horizontal foundation. In the occasion of not playing the foundation, should be laid between the table and the machine seat anti-vibration rubber plate.

3. The vibrating motor and the cable line in the screen machine are subjected to severe vibration, and the standard ground should be connected for safety.


Adjustment of the phase angle of the upper and lower weights of the motor

1. Changing the phase angle of upper and lower hammers can change the trajectory and residence time of materials on the net. In order to make the sieve machine adapt to the separation state required by various materials, such as the distribution of materials, processing capacity, separation efficiency, over the net rate, and other changes. It should be adjusted to the best condition.

Note: The direction of operation of the two motors is reversed to each other! Two motors can run inward or outward at the same time.

2. motor phase angle adjustment. The phase angle of the upper and lower weights decreases or increases, and its effect is to increase or decrease the excitation force of the sieve machine. According to the number of layers of the user's sieve machine, the material-specific gravity is different to increase or decrease the excitation force. Adjustment of the phase angle of the motor weight can achieve the best screening effect. The phase angle of the motor up and down must be the same.

3. sometimes due to the specific gravity of the material, humidity, stacking tilt angle, and other parameters, the above adjustment phase is not possible to adjust successfully at once. So please ask the user to have sufficient patience to adjust, so that the sieve machine can play the high efficiency as it should.


Test run

1. Close the power switch, run 20-30 minutes air rotation, the motor should normally run in a counterclockwise direction, if the direction is not correct, please adjust the three-phase power supply.

2. should confirm that the vibration motor is running within the rated current, at the beginning of the operation, especially in low-temperature occasions, the current will be slightly higher, but within 20-30 minutes, it should be reduced to the rated current value.

3. Vibrating screen shall not have abnormal sound occurring, if the abnormal sound occurs, the machine shall be quickly shut down for inspection, the occurrence of abnormal sound is generally caused by the fastening part loosening. Especially in the transport and disassembly and reassembly, pay attention to the fastening of the parts. Sieve machine in the start and stop when there is a momentary resonance area (1-3 seconds) when the amplitude and noise will increase significantly, is a normal phenomenon.

4. After the empty operation, a small amount of material can enter the sieve machine through the inlet, and then slowly increase to the required and can withstand the amount of material, at this time should be adjusted according to the net surface out of the heavy hammer, so that the efficiency of the sieve machine to achieve the best state.

5. The general material of this series screen machine is not equipped with a bouncing ball device to meet the screening requirements, special materials need to be equipped with bouncing ball device separately designed and installed, no-load noise will increase at this time.


Screen mesh replacement

1. When the screen is found to be broken and needs to be replaced with a new screen, just loosen the external locking handle, take off the screen grid, take out the screen frame, remove the rubber seal, fasten bolts, and loosen the fastening bolts of the screen frame to replace the broken screen.

2. Then replace the screen with a new one, and reassemble it according to 6.1 in reverse order. Note: the net must be flat and solid, to lock the lower bolt of the screen frame first, and then lock the upper bolt, the two external V-groove bolts must be tightened.


Maintenance of equipment

1. The equipment should be refueled frequently when it is running, twice a week, inject Shell, Avalanche, RL3 grease.

2. every three months to carry out minor repairs and maintenance, 6-12 months for a major overhaul, overhaul to check the motor, the fasteners are not loose, disassemble the vibrator to clean and check the bearings, oil seals, serious wear should be replaced.

3. regularly check the cable (three months to change the motor lead)


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